Silk Painting & Crochet

The first ever silk painting workshop took place on 27th January.  We started by painting squares of silk that had a gutta outline of a butterfly, to learn how to use the silk paints.  We then experimented with gutta and designed our own pictures which we transferred onto the circular suncatchers, using the skills that we'd learnt earlier in the workshop.

Silk painting with borders 27.1.18.jpg
Silk painting results 27.1.18.jpg

In the afternoon we had a beginner crochet workshop, where everyone learnt to make granny squares.

IMG_2045 (2).jpg
Granny squares 27.1.18.jpg

Tunisian crochet workshop

It was our first ever Tunisian crochet workshop on Saturday.  Tunisian crochet is almost a cross between knitting and crochet, is done using a very long hook that looks like a knitting needle, and gives a very dense finished fabric.  You can make some lovely effects using different colours, and there are a host of different stitches that give different textures to your work.  I really enjoyed it, so much so that I forgot to take a picture of the class, so I've had to post pictures of my crochet instead!

Beginner Crochet Granny Squares

New academic year, new resolution to post every workshop that runs!  Today's Beginner Crochet workshop was the first session after the summer holidays, and it was great to be back with four ladies, all of whom made their first ever granny square successfully.  They've all taken their yarn and hooks home with them so hopefully they'll carry on and have a lifetime of enjoyment from the lovely craft of crochet!

Today's beginner crochet workshop

Today's beginner crochet workshop

Make a Mosaic and Beginner Crochet

It was a busy weekend with two workshops running on Saturday.  Make a Mosaic ran during the morning and lots of lovely mosaics were made (see pictures below).  There's such a wide selection of tiles, stained glass and crockery to use that all the mosaics look completely different, even if they are the same shape.

In the afternoon it was beginner crochet, with both learners successfully making a granny square during the session.  Now they just need to go home and practice!

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